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Hey! I don't think that anybody actually read my journal, but just in case... I thought that I should tell people about my experience.
So, we're having our SGA elections at school and a lot of kids are doing lobbing for themselves and their friends. On facebook, there's a group for our class and so, I joined it because, it's my class, why shouldn't I join the group? So, the kid who created the group sends this message around to all the members of the group saying vote for his friends or leave the group because if you don't vote for them you're a fag.
Now, I wouldn't reply to a stupid message like this. It's just him being a jerk. But, one of my good friends responded saying something along the lines of "Why should we leave the group if we're part of the class. Prove that your friends are worthy of my vote" but she used bigger words because she's a smarty pants...
Anyway, so the kid who sent the original message sent around my friend's message to everybody. Like, he copied and pasted her exact message and sent it to everyone with a caption that was something like, "Who talks like that? If you see this person tomorrew, be sure to make fun of her" (and, yes, he spelled tomorrow wrong... moron).
I mean, who does that?! Who does that?! Who sends around a PRIVATE message telling people to make fun of someone just because they had the courage to tell you that you're a moron. And just because they're smarter than you and you're scared? Who DOES that?!
So, I sent him back a, once again, private message saying just that. How dare you ASK people ON PURPOSE to make fun of my friend?! And then, I went further to say "You kow what happened at Virginia Tech, right? Well, I can almost guarantee that if the gunman had not been so alienated by his peers, he would not have killed so many people. Do you want to be the cause of something like that?" And do you know what he did? He sent MY message around to everyone, apparently making fun of me (I never got the message...)
But, here's the best part: it backfired in his face. A lot of people who he hangs out with messaged me on facebook or came up to me at school and said, "Thank you for standing up to him. I would have never had the courage to do that and he totally deserved it. You were right and he's a total a**hole." These are people who I've never really gotten along with. People who I've never really talked with. And they're coming up to me saying thank you for standing up to their "friend". They respect me and think I'm brave.
This just goes to show you that doing the right thing DOES pay off. Not only because I got recognition, but because now, that kid will think twice about doing something like that. He even tried to apologize.
And you know what, I felt SO good about myself after I did that!
So, if you see a wrong being committed, don't be afraid to stand up for what you know is right.
That's my lesson for today...
Happy May, everyone!!!
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On September 9th, 2007 10:52 pm (UTC), sparkofblue commented:
Awesome, kudos to you for standing up to him!
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On December 18th, 2008 06:04 am (UTC), hakinechan commented:
xD This is such a delayed comment, but amazing job you did! <33
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